No-Nonsense Tickly Throat Cure

With cold weather comes cold season – and the dry, tickly cough that sneaks up on you at the worst times.

It strikes in the most inopportune situations – crowded movie theatres, school exams, bedtime – and often without warning. A niggling, scratchy, tickle in your throat that you just can’t cough away. Throat lozenges help sometimes; coughing rarely does. But you can’t stop it. So what can you do to combat this sickly symptom that is more annoyance than danger?

A tickle in your throat is most often caused by a dry breathing passage, which is exascerbated when you breathe cold, non-humid air. Have you ever noticed that the tickle is much worse whenever you inhale? Then this solution is for you.

To provide warm, humid air for your throat, place the neckline of your shirt over your mouth (you can also use a scarf or blanket if you have one nearby). The goal is to create a pocket of your own exhalations in this small space, and as breathing is – in fact – a “wet” action, the air will become warm and humid. In more extreme instances, you may need to cup your hand at your chin to trap your exhalations in an even smaller space. Within a minute or two, you should feel the recycled air in this space warming up and your shirt becoming mildly damp. The tickle in your throat should dissipate soon thereafter.

It’s not the most glamorous of poses, but when you’re stuck in a situation where your cough becomes embarassing, who cares if you look like Michael Jackson walking into a courthouse? At least everyone’s not staring at you because you’re interrupting their enjoyment of Atonement.

11 thoughts on “No-Nonsense Tickly Throat Cure

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  2. ive got exams this week and i keep on cough thing through them and it is really embarrassing this better work

  3. it works? i thought this might be another home remidie but it saved me getting out of bed! YAY!

  4. Unfortunately, this did not work for me either. This terrible cough came out of nowhere this afternoon. I had a sore throat the past few days, and since the sore throat when away, along came this awful cough and tickly feeling in my throat. I have coughed so muxh to the point where I am spitting up. I’ve tried everything from lemon/honey cough drops, apple cider and lemon juice, hot tea with hony and lemon, eating ice, drinking broth from soup, and I am still having this problem. I am so exhausted now!

  5. I get a tickle always on the right side of my throat. I try to drink water but doesnt help. Then I can hardly breathe,its like trying trying to breathe through a straw. This happens only about once a month. I have no allergies but I fo have bronchitis. Any help you can give me would much appreciated

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