BlogFile: Oldest domain names on the Internet

The Life and Times of Forrester blog has done some digging and come up with the 100 oldest registered domains on the Internet, dating back to March 1985. The list is a good mix of obscure personal sites and forward-thinking corporate giants.

Who are you expecting to be in the Top 10? Microsoft? Maybe Steve Jobs and his early Apple brand? The answers may surprise you.

Despite founding their respective companies in the 1970s, neither Bill Gates nor Steve Jobs cracked the Top 100 (unless you count Gates’s old haunt, IBM, which was #11).

The Top 10:

  1. – Privately-held computer company based in Virginia, USA
  2. – Tech security company. We actually believe their tagline: “A history of innovation”.
  3. – Education foundation owned by Oracle. Apparently companies and individuals were registering dictionary words way before domain reselling profiteers came onto the scene.
  4. – Their site was down when we tried to access it. Get ready, #11 – you might be getting called up to The Show any day now!
  5. – The former home of Digital Equipment Corporation; now owned and operated by Hewlett-Packard
  6. – …as in Northup-Grumman (it redirects), the aerospace, defense and technologies company
  7. – The domain has lasted over two decades, but they’ve recently redesigned their iconic logo
  8. – Independent, non-profit research group. As you can see by the other names on this list, short, acronymic .coms were snapped up pretty quickly
  9. – Computer giant Hewlett-Packard make this list twice, once for a 2007 acquisition and once on their own merit
  10. – Telecommunications R&D firm now owned by Telecordia. Their domain also hasn’t aged well, and the site was down when we tried to access it.