Remote Tech Help

At my day job, we have contractors located all over the world (Europe, Seattle, NYC) who are tasked with keeping a large site running smoothly. Even on a stable CMS, we run into dozens of bugs every week, some of which are hard to duplicate in the main office. That’s where software like Proxy Pro 7 could really help us out.

Proxy Pro 7 is a piece of software that gives remote access to other computers. Everything is done through the Internet over 256-bit encryption — the highest in its class — so sensitive data is secure. Troubleshooters can access other systems at any time to collaborate, troubleshoot or move files. I mentioned our locations earlier because this is so key — we have an eight-hour time difference between some of our employees, so the ability to log on and grab an important file while someone is offline is a big deal. This saves days of back-and-forth emailing and waiting, which is typical of businesses that use telecommuters.

The software also works with all the major operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux, so our Mac-minded main office can still get remote access to our PC-based workers. I’m talking about using it for a company of 20 people, but can you imagine how great this flexibility would be in a school, government or MNC environment? The opportunities are endless.