Local Jobs

A feature on ActivYork came to my attention this week, coincidentally at the same time I got a LinkedIn job offer. ActivYork, which already a fabulous source of local information for York, now has a section for jobs in York. Why is this a big deal? Because local recruitment rocks!

I was so thrilled to get a job offer on LinkedIn this week… only to find out that the job is in Stockton on Tees. Really? I’m in North Tyneside! I know England isn’t a huge country, but this is a perfect example of where local recruitment boards are far better than┬ánational job sites. And, as I’m sure any job-searching readers in York can attest, it’s hard to find local jobs. Most job sites are dominated by London or Southeast recruitment, with one or two postings for a career that’s vaguely North or might just be Scottish. So having a job board on ActivYork is awesome, because it takes being local to understand what local people want.