My Little House Update

I talk a lot about DIY and our house, which we’ve had for 18 months now. We spent all of this past weekend doing some needed repairs and upgrades, because we love our house and want it to be “ours.” Something we’ll address next is replacing our address plaque (sorry for the bad pun).

We’ve been looking at custom address plaques to replace the one we have currently, which is pretty basic and boring. There are loads of options out there to suit all tastes, from bronze address plaques, specialty, personalized address plaques, and much more.

Our plaque right now is just too small (the Chinese food delivery guy can never find us!) so we want something bigger and bolder. We’re partial to black and silver inside our home, so we’ll probably carry that theme to the outside too. Our house number is a single digit, so we can definitely go big, silver and bold so people know where we are, while expressing our personality at the same time. We also like the name of our street, so we may include that below in a smaller font (it’s short, so readability won’t be an issue). This is the first thing people see when they find our house, so it’s important to get it right and make sure it expresses our unique, personal taste.