Dress Up Your iPad

Tablets are now an important part of life for millions, providing an easy way to access social networks and the Internet while mobile. But these expensive little pieces of kit come unprotected; luckily, you can spruce up your tablet with cases, covers, sleeves and skins.

There are tons of different options of iPad 2 cases available. Whatever your style, you can find something to fit your needs. I’m partial to the faux-leather covers that look like portfolios; your keep your iPad in them all the time; just flip it open when you’re ready to work. But there are other cool options too. My Dad, who has an iPad 3, has the ultra thin, folding style that turns into an iPad stand.

One thing worth noting: I do love a good, hard case. They aren’t heavy (you can get ones that are made of silicone) and they’ll protect your iPad really well. Among my devices I have a hard case for my iPod and a rigid (but soft) case for my Kindle. While I love the softness, I do worry whenever I put my Kindle in my backpack and go travelling. The hard cases feel much more secure to me. YMMV, of course. Some of them are more expensive, like Otterbox, but they are worth it if you beat up your devices. My friend has an Otterbox case, and the salesperson let her throw her phone on the floor to prove how tough it was. He didn’t have to buy her a new phone, so it did work!