Local Jobs

A feature on ActivYork came to my attention this week, coincidentally at the same time I got a LinkedIn job offer. ActivYork, which already a fabulous source of local information for York, now has a section for jobs in York. Why is this a big deal? Because local recruitment rocks!

I was so thrilled to get a job offer on LinkedIn this week… only to find out that the job is in Stockton on Tees. Really? I’m in North Tyneside! I know England isn’t a huge country, but this is a perfect example of where local recruitment boards are far better than national job sites. And, as I’m sure any job-searching readers in York can attest, it’s hard to find local jobs. Most job sites are dominated by London or Southeast recruitment, with one or two postings for a career that’s vaguely North or might just be Scottish. So having a job board on ActivYork is awesome, because it takes being local to understand what local people want.

Commercial Decorating 101

I’ve talked a lot before about sprucing up my home, but I’ve never discussed decorating the place where you spend the most time — work. One of the easiest ways to do this, while also fostering a group environment, is by placing commercial planters.

commercial planter comes in many forms, from individual office potted plants to outdoor commercial planters. This means that you can find the right solution no matter what sort of office environment you have. And, as I mentioned, taking care of a plant is something everyone in the office can do, or you can bring in a professional company to care for your plants (this is a better solution if you have large commercial planters that require more extensive care). Pick a design and plant style that suits your company style, from vibrant, bright flowers or sturdy trees and bushes. With some well-placed plants, you immediately transform Cubicle City into a unique, lively space.

Choices, Choices… What’s an SMB to Do?

As a small business owner, I am inundated daily (no, hourly) with offers: Printing, office supplies, outsourcing, accounting. Everyone wants your attention. Web hosting is no exception.

So, how to choose? I’ve had a few web hosts in my day and I can offer two pieces of advice:

1 – Do not shop on numbers. The “100TB for $1” deal only sounds better. You’ll never use it. You and ten of your friends will never use it.

2 – The company matters.

The second point is the most important. You will need support at some point, whether it’s before you buy or while you’re a customer. A company like Superb Hosting, for example, offers a dedicated accounts manager on their managed hosting plans. Yes, that’s someone who gets paid to work for you. Compare that with the nightmare experience I just had with a certain web host (not Superb) who ignored my tech support emails for over a week, and you’ll see why this is important. A week is a lifetime when something goes wrong.

Finally, upgrade potential is important. Maybe right now you’re okay on a shared hosting plan. But when your business grows–and we all want that–the right company can take over your IT needs with secure colocation and tiered options to suit all sizes of business… perfect for when your SMB becomes an MNC.

What is a Gold IRA?

This is something I hadn’t heard about until recently, but it’s intriguing – the steadiness of gold, plus the investability of IRAs and 401k accounts. Simply put, a gold IRA is an IRA account that includes gold bullion as one of the investments. When you buy gold bullion and put it in a gold IRA account, it’s a nice way to offset paper stocks because the market price of bullion tends to rise as paper stocks fall. So you can buy bullion in an IRA as a traditional investment method, or to offset other investments you have. Given the current economic climate, it’s something worth discussing with your broker or investment advisor.

A Golden Opportunity

Gold has always been a hot item, remarkable in its ability to hold its value regardless of the economy. Historically, this ability to hold its value is a reason that so many countries used gold coins for so long. Gold has been around for a while–England’s first gold sovereign was issued in the 1400s–and still forms the backbone of most economies, including those that have moved from the gold standard.

Understandably, there has been a resurgent interest in gold lately, in particular gold bullion. You can buy gold bullion as a way to supplement an existing investment portfolio, or as a standalone investment.

According to GoldCoinsGain.com, when you buy bullion you are buying an asset that moves against paper investments, sowhile your stocks are tanking then your bullion will remain a solid–sorry, bad pun–investment.