Doctors as Teachers

Teaching hospitals are a core part of doctor education. It’s the circle of life: New doctors learn from their more-experienced peers, then go on to teach new grads, who do the same, and so on. But a great doctor isn’t necessarily a wonderful teacher by default. In fact, education courses are not required in medical school. So where do doctors turn to improve their teaching skills?

Oxford Medical is one option. They run a medical teaching course for doctors in a teach the teacher format. The course gives experienced doctors the skills needed to instruct other doctors in their area of expertise, and the teach the teacher course style makes it approachable and relatable even for seasoned doctors.

One day, education courses may be required for all doctors, given the nature of the seniority system and teaching emphasis of their jobs. Even so, a medical teaching course offers specific skills for medical professionals that the doctor can use in their day-to-day teaching tasks. No time is wasted on education skills that are more fitting for a school teacher than a teaching doctor, and the classes are geared towards the medical profession.

Back to School – Tutoring Time

When I was at school, I strugged with math and science after seventh grade. It isn’t that I didn’t try, but I’m ridiculously right-brained and no amount of concentration on my own could hammer those concepts into my head. I would have loved if the Internet existed like it does today, where students can go online and get help with math questions or chemistry homework help at the click of a button. With the new school year starting up, the timing is perfect to talk about where students can go for help if they have trouble. is an online tutoring service that offers 24/7 help in all subjects. From geometry help to physics help, they have qualified tutors who can assist all levels of students. All of this is available for a $99.99 monthly package, so you can get year-round help for your child for a very reasonable sum. Whether your kids need help with basic math concepts like prime numbers or in-depth chemistry help for college or AP exams, has instructors that can help. You can even try a free demo before you buy.  I wish this had been around when I needed it!