Doctor Training

If you keep up with my blog then you might already know that I work in a field that works with doctors all day (no, I’m not a pharma rep :-)). One of things the we run into time and again is the issue of doctor training. These days it isn’t enough just to go to medical school; doctors specialize, and then specialize some more, and they’re constantly taking courses to keep up with the latest in medicine and management.

For example, a doctor might take a medical teaching course. These types of classes are important for doctors who want to advance in medical education, or for senior doctors who are tasked with looking after junior doctors. Similarly, a teach the teacher course offers formal training for medical instructors and educators. There is a practical element to courses like these as well, so doctors get experience teaching others in the medical field.

On a different track, a medical management course¬†instructs doctors on leadership techniques that they can take back to their own practice. Even in a hospital setting, management skills are essential for any doctor that wants to “climb the ladder” and oversee other staff. And for those who do dream of advancement, a consultant interview course will prepare them, via interactive learning, to apply for a promotion.

This only touches the surface of doctor training — we aren’t even talking about all the additional medical training doctors receive! At least it’s good to know that learning doesn’t stop once a doctor gets his or her M.D.

Buying hair straighteners? Read this first

Our friends over at Edward’s Hair Solutions have pointed us in the direction of a very disturbing trend: counterfeit GHD hair straighteners. In recent months, fake straighteners from the Far East have caused household fires in the United Kingdom and Canada. These deceptive knock-offs lack the safety features that have made GHDs so popular in the first place, and are of a lower build quality that helps to keep the prices down.

Edward’s offers a handy guide on how to spot fake GHD hair straighteners and the comments on that article point to this being a worldwide problem.

It’s a shame that consumers and shops alike (not to mention GHD) are suffering from these knockoff products. Shops like Edward’s Hair Solutions, which is an authorised seller of GHD hair straighteners, not only have to compete against the prices of counterfeit products but must convince informed consumers that they’re the real deal. It’s a conundrum – you either have people shopping on price alone who would much rather pay ¬£50 than ¬£85, or you have saavy consumers who are skeptical that a non-High Street store could be legit. (Worth noting that fakes have even been reported on Amazon, so nobody is immune to this criticism.)

What are you doing this holiday season? Are you even going to try to buy straighteners with all the confusion in the marketplace?

Wii Fit – A Major League Fitness Tool?

San Diego Padres reliever Heath Bell went through something this offseason that tons of armchair managers have also experienced. He stepped on the Wii Fit board and the game labelled him “obese” (which, in turn, makes your character look like David Wells).

And, like many of the Wii Fit’s biggest – and less famous – fans, he did something about it. Bell lost 25lbs this offseason in a workout regimen that included playing games on the Wii Fit. It’s now being reported that he looks “svelte” and better than ever, with his coaches even asking him not to lose more weight in order to keep his velocity up.

Heath Bell may be the first athlete to unofficially endorse the Wii Fit. How about the rest of us? Have you lost weight using the Wii Fit, or did you throw the balance board back into the box when the game called you fat?

New UK hair products site

Edward's HairGiving Jason Shankey and his fabulous hair a run for his money is Edward’s Hair Solutions, a new UK hair products site.

Edward’s is based around a quaint Southampton salon of the same name and offers GHD and Wella hair products direct to consumers. Visitors can also get hair advice from Edward’s head stylist (pun intended) via the “Ask Giles” feature. This looks like a great idea; and Giles seems to know his way around a head of hair too! I wonder what he’d do with my ever-present ponytail?

Stores like Edward’s that focus on one or two brands can be a blessing or a curse; on one hand, you aren’t getting the extensive selection you might find on the high street. On the other hand, you’re not getting the crazy-extensive selection you’d find on the high street! As long as you’re buying quality brands (like Wella and GHD), it’s okay to shop at a specialty store. Not only can they steer you in the right direction with how to use their products, but they’ll often have deals that far surpass what you’d find at Boots or other high street retailers.

Case in point: Edward’s Hair currently has the UK’s best price on the super-popular GHD IV styler. They actually manage to beat Amazon! That makes Edward’s the place to go for GHD hair straighteners (well, maybe not the obnoxious pink one) and lots of other GHD and Wella products. Add to that the advice they offer – what does Amazon know about hair anyway? – and Edward’s Hair Solutions looks like a winner.

Watch out, Jason Shankey!

Time to give up on whitening toothpastes?

Despite having lots of experience in sales and marketing and therefore knowing exactly how things work, I’ve been stuck in the marketing machine for years. For the past decade, I’ve been purchasing “whitening” toothpastes – the foaming crystals, the blue strips of cleanliness, added ingredients, this and that – and I continue, to this day, to do so, knowing full well that it’s never made a bit of difference for my teeth.

I don’t even entertain the possibility that the whitening toothpaste has canceled anything out – i.e. that I’d be much worse without it. I know I wouldn’t. Moreso, I’m not your average adult; I don’t drink a lot of coffee, I don’t smoke, and sugar is probably my only weakness. So, why the crutch? Continue reading