BlogFile: Getting serious with RC cars

For the RC car enthusiasts among us, champion RC car driver Igor Presnukhin has recently started a blog where he shares his vast knowledge of RC Cars Tips and Tricks with the world.

His is the kind of site that can truly help grow the hobby for all ability levels. On one hand, Presnukhin provides tons of helpful tips that will be appreciated by seasoned drivers. But his blog is also enjoyable for newcomers, who are likely to be sucked in by his enthusiasm and practical explanations of a wide range of concepts (The 15-page “Introduction to RC Cars” is a definite must-read).

The tutorials on the blog are easily laid out (with photos!) so that anyone can learn from Presnukhin’s vast RC car knowledge. Best of all, he updates his site feverishly, averaging about five new posts per day. There is plenty of information on this site to keep readers interested not only in Presnukhin’s RC Cars Tips and Tricks blog but also in the sport of RC car racing in general.