My Little House Update

I talk a lot about DIY and our house, which we’ve had for 18 months now. We spent all of this past weekend doing some needed repairs and upgrades, because we love our house and want it to be “ours.” Something we’ll address next is replacing our address plaque (sorry for the bad pun).

We’ve been looking at custom address plaques to replace the one we have currently, which is pretty basic and boring. There are loads of options out there to suit all tastes, from bronze address plaques, specialty, personalized address plaques, and much more.

Our plaque right now is just too small (the Chinese food delivery guy can never find us!) so we want something bigger and bolder. We’re partial to black and silver inside our home, so we’ll probably carry that theme to the outside too. Our house number is a single digit, so we can definitely go big, silver and bold so people know where we are, while expressing our personality at the same time. We also like the name of our street, so we may include that below in a smaller font (it’s short, so readability won’t be an issue). This is the first thing people see when they find our house, so it’s important to get it right and make sure it expresses our unique, personal taste.

Children’s Storage Solutions

Next month I’m going up to Scotland for my niece’s christening. (She’s the baby sister to the nephew I’ve mentioned in other posts.) As a proud auntie, I’m looking into gifts that fall outside the realm of traditional silver tchotkies; something that will be fun and also useful for the family.

They live in a smallish house, so I’m thinking about getting some type of childrens storage for their bedroom. Right now, their toys are just EVERYWHERE, and now that there are twice as many, it’s getting a tad out of hand. Ideally I want something neutral that the niece and nephew can share (because sharing is good :)) and also portable, in case it ends up downstairs or goes on holiday with them. There are really cute baskets and cases at the link above; it’s just a matter of picking which one. They also have a really neutral storage chest that I’d love to get, maybe for one of their birthdays this summer (since it’s a bigger gift). And of course I’ll fill it with a toy or two, because mums love storage and kids love toys.

Window Boxes to Spruce Up Our House

I’ve talked a lot about being a new homeowner and the changes we’re planning on making. For those who are new to the blog, let me back up — we bought a house last year that “ticked all the boxes” but needed a little bit of work done to it. It was in an area formerly made up of government housing, so the house is functional but bland. We’ve been looking at ways to spruce it up and make it our own.

My latest brainstorm is adding window boxes to the outside. This was also something I’d considered in our old apartment, but because we were only renting it was never a priority. Now, though, we’re looking into it and I’m so surprised by all the options out there. Window flower boxes come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so we can do up our house however we want and keep it under budget.

Our house is pretty neutral so I think we’ll end up with white garden window boxes, so it goes with the rest of the external decor. We’re saving up now for our big spring spruce up, and I’ll post pictures as soon as we start working on it!

Commercial Decorating 101

I’ve talked a lot before about sprucing up my home, but I’ve never discussed decorating the place where you spend the most time — work. One of the easiest ways to do this, while also fostering a group environment, is by placing commercial planters.

commercial planter comes in many forms, from individual office potted plants to outdoor commercial planters. This means that you can find the right solution no matter what sort of office environment you have. And, as I mentioned, taking care of a plant is something everyone in the office can do, or you can bring in a professional company to care for your plants (this is a better solution if you have large commercial planters that require more extensive care). Pick a design and plant style that suits your company style, from vibrant, bright flowers or sturdy trees and bushes. With some well-placed plants, you immediately transform Cubicle City into a unique, lively space.

Jazzy Address Signs

Halloween was our one-year anniversary of homeownership. It’s taken nearly that long to unpack all of our stuff, but now that we finally have, we’ve been focusing on sprucing up our house. It’s the little things that make a house a home. Last week I talked about mailboxes, so today I turn my attention to address plaques.

Right now, our address plaque isn’t very useful. It’s small and hard to read; I may have bad eyesight, but you have to have 20/20 vision to see our address sign from the street. I want something bigger and bolder, with large numbers and maybe a smaller font with our street name (it’s a pretty name). So I’ve been shopping around, and has a wide selection of address signs of all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Your address plaque is one of the first things people look at when they’re coming to your home. I think it says a lot about your house, so I want something that really represents us. We may not buy until spring, but it’s never too early to shop around and get ideas!